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12 Additional Templates 
You'll instantly unlock 12 high-quality templates. Each template has gone through the following stages

  • Niche Selection
  • Copywriting
  • Story
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Voiceovers
  • Music

These templates will get activated in your MugJam account as soon as you are a MugJam Assets Club member.
Training + Tools: How To Create Realistic AI-Generated Human Photos & Use Them To Generate Unlimited MugJams
You'll get complete training and AI Tools to help you easily create UNLIMITED professional-grade fake-human photos to help you create stunning MugJams with the facial features that you personally prefer.
Access to millions of Stock Image
We've integrated with some of the best resources for stock photos and videos on the planet to give you unending access to professional videos and stock photos with full commercial rights...
Higher Priority For Template Requests
MugJam's diverse collection of categories means a lot of room for new template ideas. However, as a MugJam Asset Club Member, we will put your request at the top priority than any other MugJam users so you can see your requests come to life faster than any other MugJam users...

And Every Month You'll Get...

One Additional Template Each Month
Each template costs us hundreds to make and with MugJam Assets Club, we will add 1 new template to your account every single month. So you will always have unique templates at your disposal...
Three Extra Background Music Each Month
A great background track can make an immense impact on the overall experience of your viewers. With Assets Club, we'll add 3 amazing background tracks to your MugJam account so you'll always create videos with the BEST background tracks...
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